Meat Grilling Special

From the desk of Meg Hamilton and Harry McGovern;


100% Grass fed Angus Beef

Pure Berkshire Pork

“Get out the Grill Special “

2 lbs. Sweet Italian pork sausage links

4 lbs. Ground beef (1 lb. packages)

3 lbs.  Pork spare ribs

1 lbs.  Hot Italian pork sausage links

2 lbs. Bratwurst pork sausage links

3 lbs.  Bone-in loin chops

3 lbs. London broil

All for $125.00

Your package will contain a minimum of 18 lbs. of meat.  Due to packaging of the   individual cuts some selections may be slightly over or under the amount stated.   

Our cows are raised free-range and 100%grass fed

Our pigs are raised free-range and fed all Non- GMO grains

All meats are processed and packaged at USDA facilities

All cuts are frozen

 Mill Brook Farm LLC – 373 Millbrook Road, Landaff N.H. 03585

         603.838.8908                         (c) 603.728.8512                

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