Mystery House Solved

From the desk of Judy Boulet and Jerry Titus;

For the Landaff Ledger
Thank you, everyone, for your interest in the mystery picture in the Landaff Ledger.  Mary Beaudin was the correct guesser. It was a picture of the former Neal Clark House. Someone suggested the former Young/Rice house where the Hamlett’s now live. Close, but that house is huge compared to the Neal Clark house.  I did get an old picture of the Young/Rice house to prove it. The correct person to go to was Jerry Titus. Jerry is the proud owner of all of the slides that Neal Clark took. Neal was a great photographer. There are thousands of slides and Jerry was able to find the perfect ones to prove the picture in the Landaff Ledger was, indeed, the Neal Clark house. Please read Jerry’s reasoning. Attached are the three photos he used for comparisons. I also want to thank Mary Brummer who identified this house as the birthplace of Harry Chandler. Also Sally Boivin had told Andrea Fitzgerald that the Neal Clark house was the birthplace of Harry Chandler. And most importantly, thank you to Jerry Titus, who had to search through those thousands of slides to find the right ones. ….Actually, Neal had a nearly perfect filing system for identifying each slide in the metal boxes. Anyway, Mystery Solved.

Thank you!

Judy Boulet


From: Jerry Titus
Hi Judy, I found three photos which I hope will help.  The more I compare the photos I’m thinking the old photos may be Neal’s house.  The window and door placements are the same. The windows are 6 over 6 on both houses. The front door has the same number of side lights and transom lights on both. The triangular detail near the ridge (which I am assuming is some sort of attic vent) is the same, and the chimneys are located in the same place on both houses. Perhaps the porches were added at a later time. 


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