Old Home Day

From the desk of Jason Cartwright, Landaff Fire Chief

It is just over one week until Landaff Old Home Day begins. For many, it’s already started with everyone working hard, getting organized, providing donations, and preparing for the events of the day.  This is an all-volunteer effort and you can show your support by attending the event, inviting your friends and neighbors, contributing by buying raffle tickets, purchasing an auction item, or attending the Town supper (call 838-8965/6039 for reservations and reservations are required this year).  You can also just make a donation and even sell raffle tickets if you have the opportunity. The raffle is a heavily supported  with over $1000.00 in prizes.


Many of you purchase ahead. If you like, print the form attached and begin filling out your name and number.  Bring the sheet to the auction already filled out and save some time.  

If you want a pre-printed version with your name and phone number filled out, email landaffVFD@gmail.com and how many tickets you would like or call me, Jason at 603-860-0077.  Provide an address and I will come deliver the tickets locally.  I have figured out how to make printing these easy.  I’ll show you your tickets for approval and then accept the money for the tickets purchased.  Many people buy at least 10-20  and some even more!     

Good luck and Thank you!

Jason Cartwright

Chief – Landaff Volunteer Fire Department

Posted on behalf of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Assocation

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