About Comments (we like them)

As with other blogs, the Ledger includes ability to comment about stories and pictures.  Because some aspects of this aren’t necessarily obvious, her are a few tips:

  • To read comments, go to landaffledger.com and click on a post.  The comments will show on the page for that post, at the bottom.
  • To make a comment, same deal.  On the page for a single post, there’s a comment box at the very bottom.
  • If you are not a subscriber to the Ledger, your comment will wait in limbo til A staff member notices it’s there and approves it.  If you prefer instant gratification, ‘follow’ (subscribe to notifications) the Ledger following the instructions on the front page.
  • The Ledger staff reserves the absolute right to remove or refuse to approve any comment we deem to be offensive.  Never had to do this yet, hopefully we never will need to.  But we can if we deem it necessary.

In general, the Ledger’s position is that dialogue is good, and a small town like Landaff only benefits from having a place to talk about what’s important to us.

And remember: if you’d like to post a whole story or pix of your own, just email us with the info.  Thanks!

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