A Landaff Volunteer Fire Association project

Get FREE equipment from the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association 

The LVFA wants every Landaff home to be safe and secure. We know that working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers can save lives and save homes. But to provide optimal protection, these need to be installed correctly in all the important locations, be in working order, and be used correctly. 


A local family recently woke to find their house filled with smoke from a pellet stove malfunction. Their house is filled with smoke alarms, none of which went off. The alarms were more than ten years old and had lost their sensitivity to smoke. Some were wired and others were battery powered – but none functioned.

DID YOU KNOW: smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have expiration dates! Typically they should be replaced after seven to ten years, even if the battery and sound test still work.The sensor that detects smoke, fire, or toxic gas becomes less and less sensitive as the unit ages.

DID YOU KNOW: Smoke is a bigger killer than flame! According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), most fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation rather than burns. Household fires can include toxic gases from plastics and other common materials. And the smoke from a fully developed fire can be so hot that a single breath of it causes death.

DID YOU KNOW: there should be a smoke alarm inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement! Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in a central location outside sleeping areas and on every level of the home.

DID YOU KNOW: Fire extinguishers can lose pressure over time, and some cannot be safely recharged. Also, you need the right extinguisher for the type of fire, and need to know where to aim it for best effect. 

This spring, the LVFA will be offering home safety packages including smoke and fire alarms and multipurpose fire extinguishers to Landaff residents. There will be a registration process and a fire safety event at which the packages will be distributed, and instructions provided to ensure best protection. 

Watch the Ledger and your mailbox for more details!

The Landaff Volunteer Fire Association is the support group for the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department. This association is made up of members of the Fire Department and those community members who want to support the fire department through community service, fundraising, and awareness. We are always looking for others to be involved, so contact Don Beaudin (6055) for more information.

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