Candidates’ Statements

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Here are statements from candidates for Landaff elective positions.
All candidates were invited to participate.

The Landaff Ledger does not endorse, oppose, or comment on the candidacy of any person running for office in Landaff.  Be sure to vote on March 14!

Select Board: (1) three-year term: Mike Ransmeier

To the Voters of the Town of Landaff:

I would very much appreciate your support for my bid for re-election to the Landaff Board of Selectmen. I am a veteran, and as many of you know, I’m a local attorney. My legal practice includes advising area towns and village districts on legal matters, and I try to bring that experience to my service on the Board.

I have served on our Board of Selectmen for a number of terms, and I believe that the Board should be vigilant to providing local municipal services in a cost-effective fashion that assures that taxpayers get the best return for their money. I also believe, however, that spending decisions need to be made with a view to the Town’s welfare that looks several years ahead. This year the Board will be proposing a warrant article to authorize the installation of a well and septic facilities at the Town Garage. We have been studying and costing that project for some months. Of course, you the Voters will make the decision on that.

We are fortunate to live in a town that has, thus far, escaped many of the uglier aspects of development, and it would be well if we could continue that. Development does not always leave towns better off.

Finally, I believe that town government should be accessible to everyone in the town, and that its functions should be conducted thoughtfully and civilly. That is the only way to assure that all voices are heard and considered with respect.

I would be most grateful for your vote on March 14.

Michael Ransmeier

Letter of support for Michael Ransmeier

Dear Landaff Residents,

I choose Michael Ransmeier as candidate for the office of Landaff Selectman.

Michael has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state representatives while serving as a Selectman for Landaff for over 25 years.  In this position, Michael has gained respect from the public as well as the law makers and government officials.

Michael is a long-time Landaff resident, and has contributed to the town of Landaff with honor and honesty.

Over these past years, I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in past and present elections.  I most admire Michael for the selfless and long hours he puts into being a Selectmen.  He consistently follows through with his duties.

I have served with Michael for eight years now and have acquired respect and admiration for his generosity, intelligence, and dedication.  I have never known him to have an “underlying agenda”.

Michael’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets him far apart from other candidates’ techniques and talk.

I am writing today to express my support for Michael Ransmeier, and my intention both to vote for Michael in the upcoming town election and to spread the word to others of the value of his policies and abilities.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Michael Ransmeier to remain on the Select Board of Landaff.

Valerie Kimber-Roy
Selectman, Landaff

Trustees of the Trust Funds: (1) three-year term.  Reginald J. LaVoie

No statement Received

Planning Board: (1) three-year term: Rita Poland

No statement received

Planning Board: (1) one-year term: Sandra J. Brackett

My name is Sandy Brackett and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a candidate for the Planning Board. In the short 1.5 years that my husband Andy and I have lived here, I have met many of its wonderful residents from farmers to new friends, town employees to town interest groups. We are active members of the Mount Hope Grange and I am serving both Landaff and its surrounding communities as a member of the Friends in Council.

Although this will be my first civic position, I have spent the more recent 10 years in municipal employment as a Police Dispatcher for Moultonborough, NH and as the Administrative Assistant for Center Harbor Police in NH. I worked as an “on call” level II Fire Fighter and EMT for many years prior. As a result, I had my finger on the pulse of how town departments worked collaboratively to manage and maintain their vision. Recently, Andy and I purchased 43 acres that surround our Center Hill home to assure its rural character for many years to come. Attending those Planning Board meetings gave me insight into how they operate to maintain the bylaws and the vision for this community.

I am here to stay in this beautiful, serene town and would like an opportunity to serve in a capacity that is useful to those who reside here. I thank you for considering me so I may contribute to evaluating, developing and updating our town’s Master Plan.

Sandy Brackett

Zoning Board of Adjustment: (2) three-year terms.   No filings.

Supervisors of the Checklist: (1) three-year term.  Rita M. Poland

No statement received.

Cemetery Trustees: (1) three-year term.  Brenda Dodge

No statement received.

Conservation Commission: (2) 3 year terms.  Andy Brackett
(no filing for second vacancy)

To the citizens of Landaff:

My name is Andy Brackett and I am running for a seat on the Landaff Conservation Commission. I feel that the LCC provides an important service to our town by keeping abreast of environmental concerns and through its efforts to conserve our towns’ natural resources while maintaining its beauty and appeal.

It is my hope to lend to these efforts to the best of my ability. While this is my first foray into the civic arena, I feel that I bring to the table an eagerness to serve and a willingness to learn. My wife Sandy and I have always lived in small towns and we both have worked in municipal capacities. I have worked for a number of Town Highway Departments and we have both served in one towns’ Fire Department. These positions have given me some insight to the inner workings of small town government and I feel that I can put this insight to good use here in Landaff.

Since moving here nearly a year and half ago, we have both joined the Mount Hope Grange and attended many of the Towns’ annual functions giving us the opportunity to meet many of the people we now call friends. I hope you will consider my name for the Conservation Commission this coming election.

Andy Brackett

School Board: (1) two-year term.  Megan Hamilton

No statement received.

School Board: (1) three-year term.  Dale Locke

No statement received.

School Board Clerk: (1) one-year term.  Heather Westover

Dear Neighbors,

I would like to ask for your continued support for my re-election as School Board Clerk.  I amcurrently also Planning Board Clerk.  Both of these positions require care and custody of the records while effectively communicating with all members of the said boards staff/administration and community.

I strongly believe in positive reaction to change, supporting the values of our small town, and the value of education.

As an almost 20 year resident of Landaff, I feel an obligation and desire to give back to our community. Many of you may know I am currently in training to become an Emergency Medical Technician and I will serve on the Landaff Fire Department as well as the Lisbon FAST squad once I receive certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’.  I treasure being part of the town’s various activities.

Don’t forget to vote on March 14 and please vote for me to continue as School Board Clerk.  Thank you!

Heather Westover

School Board Treasurer: one-year term.  No filings.

School Board Moderator: one-year term.  No filings.

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