What Kind Of Firehouse? Weigh in!

Are you interested in being part of the planning group that considers a replacement fire station for Landaff?

If you’ve been living in Landaff for the last few years you are probably aware of some of the problems with the current fire station, housed in the former one-room Center District School.

Lacking running water but sporting a leaky roof, mud puddles on the floor near the back wall, and moldy ceiling, the building is only inches wider than the engine and tanker it houses. The driveway slope and two-inch door clearance make parking the tanker a bigger adventure than reporting to a fire.

These concerns and more have sparked discussion and action over many years including the purchase of additional land adjacent to the station and creation of a committee (close to a decade ago) that developed a draft station plan. That plan, in response to requests from Town leadership and others, included office and small-meeting space for Town personnel, an equipment repair bay for the Road Agent, and a modern fire station including training space and restrooms.

When the committee presented their plan at a public hearing in 2008 it quickly became apparent that the $800,000 price tag was more than the Town was prepared to consider, even with the possibility of grant funding to defray some of the cost.

A second Fire Station committee formed in 2016 met several times and outlined the changes necessary to revise the older plan. However, the purchase of a new engine and limits on available volunteer time during that year made it impossible to complete the work of developing and costing out a downsized project.

It’s time to finish the job of designing safe, adequate, affordable space for the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department’s people and equipment so they can provide the best possible protection to Landaff’s homes and families. Some resources have been offered to help the committee manage design and estimating once criteria for a station have been established. A realistic proposal should be completed and ready to present to the March 2018 Town Meeting.

The first meeting will be THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 at 7pm in the Landaff Fire Station.

If you would like to be part of this effort, please contact:

Jason Cartwright at 838-8965 or jcartwright@tendercorp.com. Or

Don Beaudin at 838-6055 or dbeaudin@dcifurn.com Or

Patrick Webb at 838-6406 or pjwebb@gmail.com

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