Lisbon Fire Proposal

A post from the Landaff Board of Selectmen

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BOARD OF SELECTMEN, 46 School Street, Lisbon, NH 03585

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To: Board of Selectman, Landaff, NH

Recently the BOS of Lisbon, NH learned that at an informational meeting in Landaff, it was said that the cost for Lisbon, NH to provide Fire Coverage for Landaff,NH would be approximately $46,000 per year. I would like to inform the Landaff, NH Board of Selectmen that is not a correct figure and the information is inaccurate.

Currently Lyman NH ( population 533 – c. 2010 census) pays an annual fee of $14,500 for fire coverage provided by Lisbon. The Town of Lyman is charged by the particular piece of equipment that is used. Example: Engine $300.00 Ladder Truck: $300.00 Tanker $200.00. Manpower used per call reflects the individual rates of personnel used.

In 2016 Lyman paid a total of $19,107.98 for fire service by the Town of Lisbon. So far, in 2017 Lyman has paid slightly over $17,000.

In the case of Landaff, a similar service provision would include their current, annual base price of

$ 11,288 (based on a 415 population – c. 2010 census) added to whatever piece of equipment and manpower rates that are used. Unless Landaff has an unusually high amount of service calls I can in no way see Fire coverage from Lisbon, NH being over $20,000 annually.

Sincerely, Scott M. Champagne, Chairman-Town of Lisbon, NH BOS

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