History buffs?

From John Dumas

Comment: I was wondering if anyone in Landaff likes to collect town history and would be willing to share some with me?
My great-great-grandfather Joseph Thibodeau and his father Antoine lived/died in Landaff in the early 1930’s. When they were very old.
Is there any record of Thibodeaus living in Landaff in the early 1930’s or before?
I know Joseph married Lucie Peloquin May 14 1863 in Hillsbough when he was 20 years old.

My great-grandfather George Ernest Thibodeau was born in Derry NH Feb 10 1889 was Joseph’s and Lucie’s child.
My grandmother was Marie Rose Eamstine Thibodeau Lilljedahl
My mother is Barbara Jean Theresa Lilljedahl Dumas and may have been born while Joseph Thibodeau still lived in Landaff.

One thought on “History buffs?

  1. There is a book available on eBay for $29.99 entitled ‘The History of Landaff, New Hampshire’,Part II of which was written by my dad, Edgar Clement. I also have a copy but don’t have time right now to look for the information you search. If you are in no hurry, I will try to research the name when I get caught up and let you know what I find. My name is Jean Clement Miller and you can contact me at jeaniealice@hotmail.com.


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