Landaff Election Results

From the desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator

I would like to thank everyone who worked on yesterday’s General Election:
Supervisors of the Checklist: Brenda Dodge, Richard Bronson, Rita Poland.
Ballot Clerks: Dot Wiggins, Angie Bronson.
Inspectors of the Election: David Clement,Joe Wiggett
Town Clerk: Gayle Clement
Ballot Counters: Brenda Dodge, Richard Bronson, Dot Wiggins, Angie Bronson,
Joe Wiggett, Cheryl Wiggett, Jen Locke, Michael Ransmeier.
There are 290 people on the Landaff checklist. Yesterday, 206 people voted.
That is 71% of the voters on the checklist! Good job, Landaff voters!
Here are the results:
Chris Sununu- 120 votes
 Molly Kelly- 82 votes
  Jilletta Jarvis- 4 votes
Representative in Congress-
Ann McLane Custer 101
Steven Negron- 95
Justin O’Donnell- 3
Executive Councilor-
Michael Cryans- 98
Joseph Kenney- 95
Tobin Menard- 3
State Senator-
David Starr- 110
Jeff Woodburn- 84
State Rep.
Grafton Dist. 3-
Susan Ford- 103
Ben Hight- 93
State Rep.
Grafton Dist. 15-
Rebecca Bailey-100
Denny Ruprecht- 95
Douglas Dutile- 103
  Jeff Stiegler- 96
County Attorney-
Marcie Hornick- 184
County Treasurer-
Karen Liot Hill- 120
Register of Deeds-
Brad Bailey- 101
 Kelley Jean Monahan- 95
Registry of Probate-
Rebecca Brown- 111
Paul Mirski- 83
County Commissioner-
Linda Lauer- 110
Randy Subjeck- 87
Constitutional Amendment #1-  Yes- 138 votes     No- 27 votes
Constitutional Amendment #2-  Yes- 138 votes     No- 29 votes

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