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November 13, 2017

Contact: Gal Potashnick, (603) 823-7777

ACT Establishes New Conservation Action Fund

FRANCONIA – Thanks to the generosity of a local resident and her deep commitment to the North Country, Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust has established a new fund aimed at making conservation available to all.

“Our new Conservation Action Fund allows us to move quickly and work with all landowners,” said ACT Executive Director Rebecca Brown. “Often landowning families can’t wait for us to raise funds through grants or other fundraising. This allows us to start to work immediately and complete projects far more quickly.”

This year, ACT will protect over 300 acres of land to help keep clean water in streams, floodplains, and fish habitat. Early next year, ACT expects to protect an additional 800 acres including farmland and forests for people and wildlife. ACT aims to keep the North Country healthy and vibrant by conserving working landscapes and bringing community together through a shared love of the outdoors.

“We’re a lucky bunch here in the North Country,” said Gal Potashnick, ACT’s Community Engagement and Member Services Director. “We have the ability to look out the window onto a natural expanse and go for a stroll in the woods without much of a thought.  We live here because we love this place, and whether or not we think about it, it speaks to us. It gives us a place to revitalize our spirit, a place to take a deep breath, a quiet place to call home.”

“Now, close your eyes and imagine your favorite place, a place you share with those closest to you. What does it smell and sounds like? How does the light change through the seasons? This feeling, shared by multitudes of others before you in that same place, can be passed to future generations by protecting the land you love through conservation. We believe that protecting land should be possible for everyone in our community and thanks to a generous gift by a local supporter, money doesn’t have to be a stumbling block,” Potashnick continued.

“The donor is motivated by a deep appreciation for our shared responsibility to keep our towns and villages surrounded by the forests and farmlands iconic to our area,” said Brown. “By offering financial support to families who wish to conserve their land, and who are not in the position to take advantage of federal tax incentives or make a donation to help cover the costs of the project, the Conservation Action Fund makes conservation open to all families wanting to protect their special places, the land they love.”

The Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust is the North Country’s regional lands conservancy, protecting land for the vitality and well-being of our region.  Learn more, get added to the E-News and become a member at or call (603) 823-7777. For other news and upcoming events, follow ACT on Facebook:



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