Landaff Police Patrol



From the desk of Scott Pinson – Business Telephone 603-838-6712 –  Chief of Police 

(*Requested post from Landaff Selectman)


To: Landaff Board of Selectman

Re: Landaff activity

To date from the time that the Lisbon Police Department has been conducting random patrols for the Town of Landaff, several motor vehicle citations have been issued for driving after Suspension, Suspended registrations, and inspection violations with a number of other motor vehicle stops made, resulting in warnings.

On the criminal side of activity, this agency has investigated and arrested a subject for theft, and are currently investigating a few other theft cases.

This agency has conducted a number of Welfare checks on Landaff residents, more so after the recent storm.

We try to have an officer present a couple of days a week while children are arriving at the Blue School.

We conducted a “post’ Halloween safety visit to the school as the school was not in session Halloween day due to loss of power.

Keep in mind this is a brief synopsis of our activities. If you should have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to contact me or stop by the pd.


Chief Scott Pinson, Lisbon Police Department


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