Propane Deliveries this Winter

Dear Neighbors, especially those of you who use Propane:

Over the recent record cold spell oil and gas providers were stretched thin as demand for fuel was up as much as 45%.  At that time supply was not a problem. Any delays in customer deliveries were due to not enough drivers and trucks, (although all the drivers were working as many hours as they could physically handle), but keeping up with the demand was challenging.

Although that record cold is behind us, the region is still feeling the effects with a brief propane shortage.   This “shortage” has been caused by a number of compounding factors:

1. Vendors contract for propane 1 year in advance and the propane is delivered by ship and/or rail to the various terminals.  Due to the record cold, there has been a 25-30% increase in demand this season.

2. A train bridge washed away in last week’s rain event therefore impacting rail deliveries with a very large detour.

3. Winter/bad weather delaying ships getting into ports.

Because of these factors, propane is extremely low right now; and vendors are only receiving about 1/3 – 1/2 of their normal amounts.   We have confirmed that there is a propane ship arriving in Portsmouth on Friday at Sea-3, another one on Sunday/Monday and then a 3rd one a week later and think that this will ease the vendor’s needs.

Although there is a delay for a couple days, relief is on its way.

Patrick J Webb

Emergency Management Director

Town of Landaff NH


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