Chowder Party a Success!

From the desk of Judy Boulet

The township of Landaff was granted on January 31, 1764 to a group of “down country
business men and speculators who had influence with the Colonial Governor and
petitioned for a township.”  [“The History of Landaff” by Currier and Clement]
Landaff was later incorporated in 1774. To commemorate the Landaff Charter, we celebrate with a “Chowder Charter Party” in January.
We added Chili dishes this year to give people more choices. Thank you to all the
Friends of Landaff members who provided chowders and chilies
for the “Annual Chowder Chili Charter Party”! This has been a successful event since
our 250th celebration in 2014.
Admission was by donation.  The New England Trivia contest was won by Richard Sagar.
Dot Wiggins took second place. Each received lovely Friends of Landaff gifts.
In addition to chili, a 50/50 contest was added and proved beneficial.
Sandy Brackett won the pot of money, however, in a gesture of
generosity,  she turned the money back over to The Friends of Landaff. 
Most of the goals have been met for the rejuvenation of the kitchen and dining room.
We have determined that the next effort to rejuvenate the Landaff Town Hall will be to
put in new lighting in the main hall upstairs. Stay tuned for more entertaining

Judith Boulet
Alpha Delta Kappa Northeast Regional Vice President
NH Alpha Delta Kappa Immediate Past State President
Friends of Landaff Chairperson
Friends in Council Co-President
Lisbon Area Historical Society Vice President
Landaff Town Moderator
Substitute Teacher at Lisbon Regional School
“You give but little when you give of your possessions. 
  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”   
 ~ “The Prophet” ~ Kahlil Gibran

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