Town Election Results

Results from the Office of the Town Clerk

Congratulations to all and thank you for your past and present service!

Select Board: (1) three year term

Jennifer Locke – 86 votes (elected) 

Valerie Kimber-Roy – 72 votes

Supervisors of the Checklist:  (1) six year term

Brenda Dodge – 85 votes (elected)

Cheryl Wiggett – 65 votes

Planning Board: (2) three year terms & (1) two year term

Patrick Webb (three year term) – 98 votes (elected)

Sandra Brackett (three year term) – 127 votes (elected)

Brenda Dodge (two year term) – 138 votes (elected)

Moderator:  (1) two year term

Judith Boulet – 141 votes (elected)

Conservation Commission:  (2) three year terms

Dorothy Wiggins – 139 votes (elected)

Write In Candidate: John Poland – 15 votes (elected)

Zoning Board of Adjustment: (2) three year terms

Joseph Wiggett – 141 votes (elected)

(No Filings for Second Vacancy: however Mike Boivin was written in 5 times; pending his desire to accept the position).

Trustee of the Trust Fund: (1) three year term

Write In Candidates:

Lloyd Donnellan – 47 votes (elected)

Jason Cartwright – 36 votes

Cemetery Trustee: (1)  three year term

No Filings however Mary Dodge was written in 11 times and accepted (elected)

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