Reminder-Public Hearing Tonight

Let your voice be heard –tonight June 11th, at 7 PM in Town Hall

To:                  Residents of Landaff, New Hampshire

From:              Dick Lewis, Planning Consultant

Re:                   Public Hearing on the 2018 Landaff Master Plan Update

The Landaff Planning Board is kicking off work on the update to the 2008 Master Plan with a public hearing to be held on Monday, June 11th, at 7 PM in Town Hall.  To make the update as successful and relevant as possible, the ideas, comments, and suggestions from all of you are important.  Your thoughts help to create the framework for how the Planning Board and the entire community deal with land use issues in the future.  Topics such as how to protect the character of the Town, how growth should be managed, and how to protect our natural resources will be key to the update process.  We need you to be an active participant in this project!

One goal of this June meeting is to get input from all of you on what the 2018 vision statements should focus on.  The vision statements lay the groundwork for how the Board should approach the land use issues that shape the character of the Town. Below are the 3 vision statements from the 2008 Master Plan, along with some questions or ideas that could be discussed.

The Board and I also hope we can together touch upon different land use issues that impact how the Board deals with regulations in the years to come.  Maybe the Board should be stricter or more flexible for certain development options.  Or maybe more emphasis should be placed on resource protection.

The choices are yours, and decisions are made by those that show up.  We hope you show up and lend your voice to this project. 

Vision Statements from the 2008 Master Plan

I. Preserve the rural character of the Town and protect the natural environment and resources that help shape the community.

  1. Appreciation of the hills and valleys, and the farms and fields.
  2. The freedom from noise and congestion.
  3. “Protect it All!”
  4. Fear of the impacts from poorly designed developments.
  5. Manage growth to protect the natural resource base and the important rural characteristics of the community.

Things to Think About for 2018 

  • Do you feel that growth or changes since the 2008 Plan have adversely impacted the community?
  • Is there a sense that some significant changes due to new growth are on the horizon?
  • Is the appreciation of the rural character of the community still as strong?

II. Maintain and improve municipal infrastructure and services.

  1. Maintain the integrity of the Fire Department and it’s Station – it is a strong part of the community.
  2. 70% of the responses to the 2007 survey felt that a new station was necessary.
  3. The overall roadway infrastructure needs to be properly maintained.
  4. The impacts from heavy rainstorms must be considered.
  5. The Town has very limited capacity to absorb capital costs associated with infrastructure systems that come with new developments.

Things to Think About for 2018

  • How are the roads holding up with the more frequent, heavy and fast moving storms?
  • Is the Town doing a good job with the road maintenance?

[A note on the Fire Department issues raised in 2008:  The Planning Board acknowledges the work that the Fire Department Evaluation Committee in putting into their fact finding work.  The Board feels that the 2018 Master Plan should simply reference this work and recognizes that the discussion of the direction of the Fire Department can only be addressed when this Committee finishes its work and the Town moves into the next stage for discussion on possible options and recommendations.]

III. Encourage and enhance citizen engagement and volunteerism, and maintain open communications with all residents.

  1. The small-town, rural, “Sense of the Community” is strong!
  2. Neighbor helping neighbor.
  3. Community spirit and volunteerism are important for the Town.

Things to Think About for 2018

  • Is the Sense of the Community still as strong?
  • Do you think that any recent growth has impacted this Sense?
  • What things do you think would support or improve the “Sense of the Community”
  • Is Volunteerism still as strong in the Town?


In addition to this discussion of the important 2008 Vision Statement section of the Master Plan update, here are some land use issues or questions where your input is valuable.

  • A valuable aquifer is located adjacent to Route 302. Would you support the adoption of additional Town regulations to help protect this resource?
  • Are there commercial or industrial activities that you would want to encourage or discourage?
  • What would your reaction be to a proposed cell tower, solar farm, or wind farm?
  • Are there agricultural activities you would like to see established or expanded [dairy, orchards, winery, local meats & produce, etc.]?
  • Do Airbnb or VRBO properties worry you?
  • What are your thoughts on small residential cluster developments?
  • What if someone proposed a small scale senior housing cluster project?

Thanks and see you on June 11th!

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