Fire Station Painted

From the Chief of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department

Respecting our charge as volunteers to manage all aspects of the fire department, the volunteers took the initiative to have the Fire Station painted in a cost-effective manner that would not put an undue burden on the town or volunteers.  This process started in early 2017 and we were finally able to work with the Grafton County Department of Corrections Work Crew Community Service Program and in January we again submitted a bid for a place on their schedule, and they were able to find a slot for us in June.  The work ended this week.

A crew of four trustees, supervised by Sergeant AJ Griffin, scraped, sanded, primed, and painted all the wood surfaces with sturdy new finish coat. Because of this solution, the LVFD saved a significant amount of money for the town and all the paint was purchased from Landaff resident Hilary Tuite’s store, The Paint Gallery in Littleton. Hilary chose the right paint, brushes, rollers and tools, and gave good advice on how to prepare the wood so the paint lasts for years.

On the last day of the project, the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association provided Subway foot long sandwiches, chips, and cookies, which was different than the normal sack lunch sent by the jail and were thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by the workers.

Special appreciation is warranted for LVFD member and volunteer Pat Webb who helped coordinate the application and obtaining paint supplies and the LVFA for providing the lunch and protecting and improving a building that currently houses the fire station and has historical significance to the town of Landaff.

Submitted by:

Jason Cartwright

Chief, Landaff Volunteer Fire Department

FD newFD oldFD paint

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