State Primary Elections

From the desk of the Town Moderator

State Primary Election Day is September 11, 2018.
Polls will be open from 11:00am to 7:00pm. 
  • The ballots will be received by the Town Clerk by September 4.
  • On September 7, the Supervisors of the Checklist will post the corrected checklist and certify it.
  • On September 10, the Town Clerk will be available to accept any completed absentee ballots filed in person, or delivered by an absentee voter’s family member at least between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.
  • On State Primary Election Day, September 11, 2018, voters may register at the polls on Election Day. 
  • At 1:00pm on State Primary Election Day, the absentee ballots will be processed and announced.
  • At 5:00pm, the deadline for accepting any completed absentee ballots delivered by mail, or delivered by an absentee voter’s family member.
  • Any person has the right to observe in-person voter registration. They may not be positioned within five (5) feet of the voter registration table.
  • The ballot clerk must publicly announce the name and address of the person registering.
  • No person not authorized by law may stand or sit within six (6) feet of the ballot clerk for purposes of observing the check-in of voters without the express permission of the moderator.
Landaff Election procedures will follow the procedures of New Hampshire RSA 656:22, RSA 656:21, RSA 655:40-b,
RSA 655:43, RSA 652:20, RSA 664:6, II-a, RSA 664:7, RSA 664:21 IV, RSA 654:28, 29, RSA 652:20, RSA 657:17,
RSA 657:54, RSA 655:44, RSA 653:8, RSA 654:7-a, 7-b, RSA 659:49, RSA 657:17, 22, RSA 654:7-c, RSA 659:13-a,
RSA 666:4.5
Judith R. Boulet
Landaff Town Moderator
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