Old Home Day a Success!

From the desk of Florence Webb (photos from Sandy Brackett)

As outgoing president of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association, I want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this year’s Old Home Day and auction.  The auction was a success, with more than 75 bid cards issued. The Fire Association realized at least $6000 (final count not in yet) to use for Fire Department needs including building up savings for an updated fire station, and paying for equipment and training to enhance our Department’s capabilities and reduce the load on taxpayers.  We also encourage volunteerism and support children and families through Landaff student scholarships.

I don’t know whether people realize how much work it is and how many volunteers it takes to put on Landaff’s special Old Home Day celebration.  Starting with Don Beaudin and Fire Chief Jason Cartwright organizing the auction preparation and collecting donated auction goods throughout the year; Pat Webb arranging for advertising, insurance, raffle prizes, port-a-potties, and concert; the whole department raising the tents, collecting the main rush of auction donations; Denise Cartwright and Jenni Bush buying refreshments and setting up and manning the Snack Shack; Julie LaPierre and Pam Mardin organizing the supper and arranging for that great assortment of our famous homemade Landaff pies.  The Mount Hope Grange arranged for an exhibit of handicrafts in Town Hall and sold ice cream sundaes after the auction, and Friends of Landaff ran their fundraising booth with handpainted birdhouses and other Landaff goods.

JoAnn Santaw, Richard Bronson, and many others contributed baked goods for the Snack Shack and Supper (kudos to Meg Hamilton and new resident Jackie Bensman for their wonderful gluten free goodies so we could all enjoy!) and residents all over town provided salads and beans and Mac and Cheeses and other dishes to go with the supper ham.

The day before Old Home Day saw a crew including Jaye Michaelis, Sandy Brackett, Tom Koda, visitor Robin Correll, Florence Webb, Nancy Cooper, and Carol and Don Wharton organizing and sorting table goods and auction items.  Mike Ball and Jeff Miller were invaluable as they lent their muscle to moving the gigantic mountains of donated furniture to uncover boxes, bags, cartons, and bins of practical, decorative, sporting, household, and collectible goods, appliances, and tools for the organizing group to evaluate and arrange.

The day couldn’t happen without an army of folks playing a part, from the Smiths allowing use of their front yard to the Boivins permitting parking on their field; from Danny Dodge graciously mowing of the parking field, and residents dealing with a morning of “traffic”.  Firefighters  advertised around the North Country, placed auction signs for directions, cleaned up remaining items, and stored everything for next year.    The many many donors who provide gift certificates and raffle prizes and auction goods from cheese and pie to heirloom furniture, from baby toys to fishing rods to woodworking tools, jewelry to appliances, crystal, handmade furniture and homegrown art keep the auction alive and lively.

Emma Smith should be recognized (along with the support of her parents) for setting up with Ava Hamlett their own fundraising booth, selling items to raise monies for the fire department.   They also helped sell Snack Shack baked goods.  Natalie Cartwright assisted in the Snack Shack, and Everrett and Travis Locke provided some “muscle” on Friday night setting up the tent and chairs and moving auction items.  Its inspiring to see these young people picking up the banner as the next generation of Old Home Day helpers.

The evening was capped off with the Parker Hill Road Band delighting an estimated 50+ attending the concert.  Richard Bronson reopened the ice cream freezer after the evening concert.  Firefighters organized donations from 99 Restaurants and manned the grill for burgers and dogs to be sold at the auction for a very reasonable price.  Many folks purchasing items from the cook shack “rounded up” their bill for additional contribution.

The Shared Ministry opened the Landaff Church for visitors and rang their bell at 1:00p in memory of anyone provided to them which was a nice tribute to many who have lived in Landaff.

The many many donors who provide gift certificates and raffle prizes and auction goods from cheese and pie to heirloom furniture, from baby toys to fishing rods to woodworking tools, jewelry to appliances, crystal, handmade furniture and homegrown art keep the auction alive and lively.

It is truly remarkable that a town of 415 residents pulls off an event with hundreds of participants, requiring the annual efforts of fifty or more of those residents.  This is not just a town we live in; Landaff is a community.  And Old Home Day has been the Landaff community’s calling card for more than fifty years.  Great job, Landaff, pat yourselves on the back!  I know there are people I missed listing and to them I apologize.  But every person who contributes to Landaff’s Old Home Day effort deserves a big thank you from all of us.

If you’re reading this in the Ledger and are or know of someone else who should be recognized, please do add a comment so we can all applaud!

****Raffle winners to be announced next week!


Firefighters who assisted in the effort:

Don Beaudin

Jason Cartwright

Patrick Webb

Mike Ball

Dale Locke

James Santaw

Sam Natti

Jeff Miller

Jameson Clement

Jim Lapierre

Heath Yarosh

Kevin Quinn

Steve Bush

New Volunteer Applicants who helped – and we hope to welcome them soon to the department!

Timothy Carrier

Matt Yeramian

Friends of the department include Jamey Brown, Drew Youngs

Special thanks to:

Heather Peters

Sandy Brackett

Florence Webb

Julie Lapierre

Jenni Bush

Denise Cartwright

Natalie Cartwright

Tom Smith

Emma Smith

Everett Locke

Travis Locke

Shared Ministry

Mt. Hope Grange #44

Friends of Landaff

JoAnn Santaw

Richard Bronson

Meg Hamilton

Pam Mardin

Jaye Michaelis

Tom Koda

Nancy Cooper

Carol Wharton

Don Wharton

Visitor Robin Correll

Everyone who made yummy dishes for the potluck dinner.

Friends of Landaff : (Judy Boulet and Alan Boulet, Jaye and Matt Michaelis, Dot Wiggins, Carol Wharton, Florence Webb, Sandy Brackett, Jackie Hull, Cheryl Wiggett, Jennifer Cartwright, and Nancy Cooper) created crafts to sell, assisted with auction goods, and manned the FOL booth to offer local crafts and Landaff themed gear.

Mt. Hope Grange #44 – including Richard and Angie Bronson

Landaff Business Owners donated items to be sold, raffled or made cash donations:

Cavanaugh & Sons

Country Comfort

Schofield Septic

Landaff Creamery

Tender Corporation

And many others who dropped off new, handmade, or art items.


Area Businesses who donated items:


Walmart Woodsville

Shaw’s Woodsville

99 Restaurants

Blackmount Equipment

Bailiwick’s Restaurant

Thayer’s Inn Old English Pub

The Little Grill

Chang Thai

Thai Kitchen (Lisbon)

Schilling Brewery

Rek-Lis Brewery

Polly’s Pancakes

Harmon’s Cheese Shop



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