Landaff Resident’s Halloween Party

From the desk of Jackie Bensman

The Landaff Fire Station’s Halloween Party is this Sunday October 28th from 1-3pm at the Fire Station. Bring your Landaff little ones and not so little. Costumes encouraged!
Right now we are looking for anyone who might have a surplus of pumpkins in their garden to share and would be willing to donate as many as 15. We are expecting around 15 little ones. If you would want to help us out and email us if you’re coming so we can make sure there’s enough for everyone, that would be greatly appreciated! However, come anyways !!
We’d also like as many as 5 hay/ straw bails.  You can have them back afterward  but no guarantees on the shape they’ll be in when you get them back though!
Anyone have extra apples they’d like to donate for a caramel apple snacks?
Would anyone be willing to make or bring any snacks for the kiddos? Something like popcorn in baggies or pretzels or meat sticks or fruit roll ups , etc.  also of course, the candy! Please let me know.
Please contact Jackie Bensman at
children holding firecrackers outdoors

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