Reminder- Public Hearing Master Plan

From the desk of Richard Lewis

Attached please find Landaff’s DRAFT of the updated Master Plan and current tax map parcels. Within it, are valuable responses from many of you as a result of the Survey Monkey and mailing which was distributed to the tax payers this summer. There will be copies of the report available at Town Hall to borrow for your review as well.

The Public Hearing to discuss the Master Plan is scheduled for;

January 14th at 7pm  Landaff Town Hall

All are encouraged to attend.

Landaff Draft for January 2019 Meeting

Current Land Use Map

2 thoughts on “Reminder- Public Hearing Master Plan

  1. Sandy, I heard a rumor that this had to be rescheduled because it was not posted in time. Brenda Dodge or Heather Peters would know more. Heidi.



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