Letter from Lisbon & Reminders

From the desk of the Landaff BoS office;

Budget Hearing reminders NEXT WEEK;

School Budget public hearing – Monday February 11th 7pm Town Hall

Town Budget public hearing – Wednesday February 13th 7pm Town Hall

Letter from Lisbon FD/Board of Selectmen

Recently the Lisbon BOS was approached and asked whether the Town of Lisbon would, if approved by Landaff voters, do a multi-year deal.  After email discussions, the BOS and Chief Hartwell, the Town of Lisbon would do a three year deal.  The starting base rate would be $12,000.  Translating to $28.92 PP using the 2010 census (415).  The most recent estimates indicate that Landaff may have as many as 433 current residents, 2017 estimates from the internet census bureau. Now since 2020 is approaching if and when the new census numbers come out that will determine the base rate.  The base rate will stay the same as Lymans’s but new census numbers will be used when available.  The Contract will then be the same as Lyman’s (28.14PP) which is enclosed.  It also refers to billing at Twin State amounts.  I have also included those current prices which can be found on page 10 of the Twin State Bi-Laws for your review.  The Board believes that this will make it as fair as possible for all three Towns.  I know I have said this before but I will state it in writing as well.  If the voters of Landaff decide to go this route, the Lisbon Fire Department will welcome and strongly encourage their current members to join the Lisbon FD.  All events that the current Volunteers do in Landaff can still be achieved.  (Example) Fire prevention at the Blue School.

Thank you,

Scott Champagne


Lisbon Board of Selectmen


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