Candidate’s Introduction

Here are the introductions/bios that have been sent into the Landaff Ledger in an effort to aid our decisions come voting day next Tuesday, March 12th. The polls are open 11am to 7pm followed by Town Meeting at 7pm.

These are listed in alphabetical order by last name:

Harry McGovern – Board of Selectmen (one open position – 3 years)

Dear Friends and neighbors,

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Landaff select board.  I have lived in this town with my wife Becky since purchasing Mill Brook Farm twenty four years ago.  Together we raised two daughters, Meghan and Sara, both of whom have returned to Landaff to raise their own families.  I appreciate the rural lifestyle and strong community spirit of our small town and have worked hard doing my part to preserving it.  Operating a working farm and having grandchildren residing in town gives me a vested interest in making Landaff  a strong and welcoming community for future generations.

 I believe my years of public service qualify me to represent the town as member of the Landaff select board.  Previous experience includes serving as fire chief for the Town of Littleton N H and Landaff. As chief I was responsible for managing a substantial municipal budget, twenty five full and part-time employees and a fleet of fire apparatus. After my retirement from the fire service I worked as the assistant road agent under Wayne Mardin for several years. This gave me hands on experience with the town equipment and vital information on the history and maintenance of Landaffs’ infrastructure. While operating our farm I continue to work part time for the State of New Hampshire Fire Academy as a fire service instructor.  I have been and continue to be an active member of our community having served as a member of the planning board and the fire department since moving to town.  

As a select board member some of my priorities will include: 

  • Bring new ideas and strategies to prepare for the future challenges facing rural towns.
  • Timely and open communication through more detailed meeting minutes, meeting agendas and the town website.
  • Respectful and welcoming behavior towards all citizens.
  • Addressing the concerns of the residents of South Landaff.
  • Offer guidance and support to community minded and volunteer groups and recognize their selfless contributions to the betterment of our town.
  • Pursue grant funding when applicable to minimize the financial impact to taxpayers.

 There will be a meet and greet for all candidates running for town office on Sunday, February 24 from 1-3 at the Town Hall. Coffee and snacks will be served, please bring your questions and concerns.

Most important PLEASE vote March 12, 2019   hours  11am – 7 pm

Thank you. Harry McGovern

Errol Peters – Board of Selectmen (one open position – 3 years)

I am running for reelection to the Landaff Board of Selectmen, and would appreciate your confidence that I will represent the Landaff residents fairly and respectfully

I have served this town in various positions for over 50 years starting as a member of the fire department under Ernest, Herman and Norman for about 10 years.  I have also served as:

Supervisor of the checklist

Selectmen’s ex-officio to the planning board

Alternate to the planning board


I even filled in for the road agent, filing in when we had no road agent for one summer. I graveled roads, graded, filled pot holes, and numerous other jobs .Also I filled in during a road agents sickness, plowing snow and winter maintenance.

Also I served of the Landaff School Board for many years.

Landaff is composed of good people who will make fair, just decisions when given all the facts. I don’t believe in presenting an issue just to get a desired result. I don’t have a personal agenda and never have had.  You need to look at many factors: what is being proposed, is it essential, who will benefit, is there an alternate that will meet the needs of the town, costs , and how funded, to name a few. Times change. As costs increase, we need to be open to ways to maintain and improve for a greater efficiency and respect the taxpayers wishes and pocketbooks.

I have always tried to do what is best for the Town and carry out the wishes of the voters. At times when there is a special issue, the selectmen have called an information meeting to keep people informed.  We have always tried to be impartial in our decisions.  Remember the selectmen’s door  is always open for suggestions and comments.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve the Town of Landaff as one of your selectmen. I would appreciate your support and vote for another term  on Town meeting day, Tuesday March 12, 2019h.The polls are open 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Thank you for your support

Sincerely,  Errol S. Peters

Tracey Upton – Trustee of the Trust Fund (one open position – 3 years)

My name is Tracey Upton and I am running for Trustee of the Trust Funds for the town of Landaff.  We bought our property on Merrill Mountain Road over 12 years ago and since that time have built our house, two barns and an alpaca business.  Landaff is an amazing small town that has welcomed and nurtured our family and our animals.  Last year I was given an opportunity to give a little back to our community by becoming an Alternate on the Trustees of the Trust Funds board.  During that year I went to all 12 monthly meetings, traveled  to Manchester to attend the New Hampshire Municipal Association’s training sessions for Trustees, and participated in the webinar they offered to learn about the new computerized filing of our yearly MS9 report to the State of New Hampshire.  If you elect me for this position I promise to do my very best to make sure the directives of the taxpayers are followed when public money is appropriated and make sure the purpose specified by the donor of private money is followed according to the New Hampshire RSA’s.  I am a financially conservative person with a very high personal code of ethics.  I am asking for your vote to serve the people of Landaff in this position.



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