Fire Association Annual Report

Requested by the Board of Selectmen;

The Fire Association’s annual report was intended to go into the town report however it got missed somewhere between the draft of the report and the printing of it. It is presented below so everyone can have a chance to read it before the town meeting.

Also, please find their attached 2018 Expense Report.


Landaff Volunteer Fire Association Report

Friends, Family, and Neighbors of Landaff;

The Landaff Volunteer Fire Association (LVFA) is the 501(c)3 non-profit association.  Like towns around Landaff such as Lisbon’s “Harry’s Raiders”, the LVFA is comprised of fire department members and supporters, operates by a set of by-laws, and has a chief function of allowing the fire department members to collect fundraising funds and determine how those funds should be used. The LVFA held elections in October to nominate new officers; Dale Locke was elected President, Don Beaudin Vice President and JoAnn Santaw, Secretary/Treasurer.

This past year has been a year of introspection for the LVFA. As residents of the town we watched the town vote to move forward with site plans in 2017 for a new station. Then, a year later, discuss the possibility of shutting down the department to shift services to Lisbon. As members of the LVFA we asked ourselves how we got here, what was our part in this, and what is the best way to move forward for a better Landaff and Association?

The election of new officers this year has brought a shift to the focus of the LVFA. Our primary focus has always been and will always be to support the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) as well as the Town of Landaff in the best ways possible. However, we feel that the Association and the Town need to look to the future and how we can support one another instead of continuing to discuss events of the past. To accomplish this goal, the officers of the LVFA are committed to providing a heightened level of transparency and communication with the town. We hope this report is a good first step. In addition, we have listed below our main goals for 2019.

Our 2019 goals for the LVFA include but are not limited to:

  • Selecting a new name for the association with input from the town for easier identification between the department and the association.
  • Working with the town to better aid with expenses related to Fire Dept. Gear, Equipment, Apparatus, and Training, with a focus on offsetting unexpected expenditures.
  • Continue to have an awesome Old Home Day and add a fall fundraising event.
  • Repair/Establish better communications between the LVFA, the Town, the Selectmen, and the LVFD.
  • Revising our By-Laws to reflect the Town, the Department, and the Association we work with today.
  • Work with the LVFD to coordinate trainings with other towns (Bath and Lisbon) to increase our knowledge, efficiency, and response with those towns.

With the impending decision to be made regarding Fire Protection Services in Landaff we ask for your support in maintaining the Landaff Fire Department. The LVFA is committed to helping keep the fire department expenses as low as possible for the town and will continue to work hard on all of our fundraisers. We welcome input from anyone in town and are open to anyone wishing to join the LVFA, we look forward in 2019 to helping the LVFD become a department that our town wants, loves, and deserves.

Respectfully submitted,

Landaff Volunteer Fire Association, Dale Locke, President



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