Climate Change Presentation

From the desk of Heidi and Richard Sagar;

The Future of Climate Change

A presentation by Dr. Jandel Hanrahan, an Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Northern Vermont University

Littleton Area Senior Center

77 Riverglen Lane

Littleton, NH

Wednesday, April 24th @ 7:00 PM

Modern science allows us to travel in time. Through the discovery of fundamental scientific laws, in combination with the invention of modern computing, scientists can now observe our planet at various points in time. Through the use of climate models, we can see how our climate has existed in the past and how it may exist in the future. This ability to “time travel” gives us a rare opportunity to repeat history over and over again. In the movies, people often use time travel to return to a pivotal point in time, to undo a wrong, thereby changing the course of history for the better. With climate change, we are at that pivotal time. Today, more than ever, our decisions are determining the fate of future life on this planet. Our climate is changing rapidly, and damage has already been done, but this damage pales in comparison to what a fossil-fueled future holds. Will we continue on our current path, fueled by carbon-intensive energy sources? Or will the grim images of our future world prompt us to change our trajectory, ensuring that our children can enjoy a stable and healthy planet?

Dr. Hanrahan’s research focuses on the observed and expected impacts of climate change. For this work, she uses models to better understand the impacts of human activity on regional weather patterns. Dr. Hanrahan is interested in improving climate change literacy among both atmospheric scientists and the general public. As the director of The Climate Consensus, she works with students, faculty, and staff to improve climate change communication among these groups.

This free event is sponsored by the Northern Grafton County Democrats, and the public is welcome.

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