Town Meeting Ratification Tonight

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger Editor;

A reminder to attend tonight’s meeting

Ratification Town Meeting

To be held TONIGHT;

                     April 24 at 7pm

                  Landaff Town Hall

All Landaff residents are urged to attend

As I am getting emails asking  why and what this is all about, please contact the Select Board office directly or refer to the February 27th Select Board minutes. Excerpt here;

“The Board discussed briefly the communications with Jamie Dow of the DRA
during the course of the week. The Warrant and budget form MS-636 were not posted by the deadline as a result the town will be given a procedural defect letter and will need to have a second town meeting to be scheduled after the first is completed to ratify the first town meeting and clean up the defect.”


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