Sugar Hill Quilt Display

From the desk of Sandy  Brackett, Landaff Ledger Editor;

“My friend Beth”, a quilter herself, found this fantastic Signature Quilt  in a ‘junk’ store in Massachusetts. It was being used as padding for furniture. The owners of the store did not want to sell it to my high school friend because it was of use for moving furniture. Little did they know that this 1914 quilt was of value to Sugar Hill here in New Hampshire as well as other surrounding town’s with Historical Societies. The signatures are of familiar local names such as Aldrich, Jesseman, Hildreth, Bowles, Blodgett, Nickerson, and more. Made by church members in Sugar Hill back in the day, it has now returned to its rightful place with Curator Kitty Bigelow and the Sugar Hill Historical Museum  thanks to “my friend Beth” who bartered for purchase and replaced it with actual moving pads for furniture!

This quilt and others are now on display until October 7th along with the fascinating history and photos of these women who contributed to the quilt. The museum is open 11am-3pm Fridays and Saturdays. Take a minute to read the press release on page 3 of the current Trendy Times from this link provided. In doing so, you will see why I placed “my friend Beth”  in quotations. Thanks for the shout out Kitty! What a nice surprise.



2 thoughts on “Sugar Hill Quilt Display

    • It is funny how the world works sometimes. Such coincidences. My friend wasn’t even sure if I lived near the area that the quilt originated from and low and behold I was!

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