Technology Help Anyone?

From the desk of Chris Davis, a new resident of Landaff!;

If any local businesses or anyone personally is in need of any help with technology or would like help getting established on the internet and through social media, I’d be happy to help out free of charge, with the goal of bettering our community through increasing local business visibility.
We couldn’t be more enthusiastic to be here! My family is in Sugar Hill, where I grew up. I’d love to throw my help out there to anybody in Landaff who can put it to use. So I’ll be happy to assume the role of one of  Landaff’s Free IT support.
I’m a software engineer over at Garnet Hill so it’s not far off from my normal work. No matter if it is hooking up a residential router, or setting up a customer management system for a local farm, I’ll be happy to help neighbors out!
I can be reached at or (603) 259-6419.
Thank You Kindly!!
Chris Davis
1279 Gale Chandler Rd.
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