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From the desk of Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

Week of: January 20-24th

Student of the Week! Jonathan

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What We Are Learning

  • Kindergarten Letter of the Week is K
  • Kindergarten has been comparing the weights of objects through an exploration of the pan balance. They have also been comparing the capacities of containers.
  • First Graders have been using 10-blocks and calculators to support place-value understanding. First graders have also been using pennies and dimes to show the difference between tens and ones. They have also been reviewing the following symbols; <, >, =.
  • Third Graders have been learning about how to generate measurement data and how to represent the data on a line plot. They have also been measuring distances around objects and comparing masses.
  • All students have been working hard in their reading groups.
  • WMSI came and the children worked on their robots.
  • We also had a guest speaker from the Vermont Institute of Science.

Important Dates

February 7th– Book Orders are due

February 12th– Budget Hearing & Board Meeting

February 11th– Science Night

February 14th– Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Social

Molly Culver
Teaching Principal
Landaff Blue School
“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”- Robert John Meehan

Students enjoyed a hands-on science lesson on Force and Motion with Ms. Hannah from VINS (Vermont Institute of Nature Science)!

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