Police Coverage Landaff

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger editor/owner. Requested by Jason Cartwright;

As town meeting fast approaches and with the town’s public budget meeting behind us, the question came up again in regards to just what Landaff tax payers receive from Lisbon Police for services based on Warrant Article 29 which at the time of the budget meeting stated;

“To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $16,000.00 to pay for part-time police coverage for the Town, to be provided by Lisbon PD (Recommended by the Select Board)”

In order to make a more informed decision come Town Meeting day, Jason Cartwright has requested a post to help clarify these services for taxpayers.

I (Sandy Brackett) have spoken to Sgt Eck and Chief Pinson who have offered the following information These are excerpts and in no way represents the editors opinion for or against WA 29:

  • Contracted for 5 hours weekly for a police presence in town giving visibility to all.
  • This is an active patrol detail in such that if a call for service arises from State Police while their is a Lisbon cruiser in the town of Landaff on their patrol, they will most likely request permission to respond to it under Mutual Aid Agreements. In the case that their own town of Lisbon has a more emergent call, that would be their priority.
  • State Police Troop F, based out Twin Mountain, is still our 911 response department for police services in the town of Landaff. If a call is placed to 911, SP Troop F gets the call at dispatch. If they are not available for your emergency, they turn to surrounding towns with a Mutual Aid Agreement. Lisbon is on that radio frequency and often requests permission to respond because they are familiar with the area or actually receives the call from Troop F dispatch requesting that they respond.

Below you will find Chief Pinson’s administrative recap of the calls for service to Landaff under the 2019 $16,000.00 contract;



Business Telephone 6038386712 Emergency Telephone 911 Fax 603-838-5502 

Scott D. Pinson Chief of Police 

To: Landaff Board of Selectman/Landaff Citizens 

It is hard to believe we are now into the year 2020. 2019 went by rapidly. I know this is somewhat related to how busy the Lisbon Police Department was this year. I would like to think 2020 will be less eventful, however I am not going to hold my breath. 

I would encourage anyone to contact me with any issues or concerns by either stopping by the pd or contacting me. I would like to thank everyone for the continued support and wish everyone a great year. 

Below you will find a call for service breakdown for 2019. 

32-Motor vehicle stops. 28 warnings issued and 4 citations issued. 

9-Follow up/investigations. 

2- Domestic disturbances. 

1-Haverhill Court appearance 

1-Suspicious vehicle. 

1-Drug issue. 

1-Domestic Violence Order service 

2-Criminal Mischief. 


2-Suspicious person. 

2-Intoxicated person. 

1-Missing person. 

3-Welfare checks. 

4-Road hazards. 

3-Citizen assist. 

4-Vin verification. 

5-Motor vehicle lockouts. 

4-Dog/Domestic animal complaints. 

1-Fire alarm. 

4-Disabled motor vehicle. 

2-Medical assist. 

1-Juvenile issue. 

1-Assist other agency. 

Total calls for service for 2019 was 88. 

Sincerely submitted, A 

Chief Scott Pinson 

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