Meet our Candidates

From the desk of Sandy Brackett, Landaff Ledger editor/owner;

Here are a few of the candidate’s statements that I have received to date. 

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Judy Robinson Boulet. I am running for Town Moderator. I grew up here in Landaff and went to Blue School and Lisbon High School. I went to Plymouth State and have degrees in Education and School Administration and Supervision. My husband, children, and I lived in North Woodstock for 30+ years. In 2004, we bought a part of my horse pasture and built a log home. We moved back to Landaff in 2008.   I have served in that position for a few terms. I enjoy helping with town business and keeping meetings running efficiently and productively. I love this town and am trying to “give back” to this community. I would appreciate your vote on March 10, 2020.

My name is Denise Cartwright and I am running for a position on the Landaff Select Board. I moved to Landaff in 1997 and instantly loved this small, welcoming community. I have been the school nurse at the Blue School since 2006. In addition, I served several years as the school board clerk, operated the “cook shack” at Old Home Day for almost 20 years and volunteered to help many events in Landaff/Lisbon area. I think it is important for all of Landaff’s citizens to serve their town when they can. Now that my two daughters are in college, I have more time to give to my community. If elected, I look forward to learning the select board position and doing my best to serve the community.

My name is Jason Cartwright and I am running for Trustee of the Trust Funds.  Successfully managing a company in Littleton for over 20 years has exposed me to organization and communication skills that I believe will help serve the position of Trustee of the Trust funds.  Recently retired, I have additional time now to serve the community and have been interested in this position for a number of years.  I have served on the Landaff Volunteer Fire Department since moving here in 1997 and look forward to continued service and support for our great town.

My name is Francie Kinney. I am honored to be a candidate for the Landaff Trustee of the Trust Funds. My experiences with accounting for the IAA charity vehicle donation programs has given me insight into the issues facing small groups and working with state Attorney General’s offices. I am motivated, organized, and creative about generating ideas and obtaining solutions. I bring attention to detail and fiscal responsibility. In addition, I already have experience with the role of the Trustee of the Trust Fund having been an alternate for over a year.

If elected, I would continue to lead us on the path that Landaff has taken to maintain internal fiscal responsibility and safekeeping of its funds. I am excited about the opportunity to continue to be involved with the Landaff Trustees of Funds.

I have been with IAA since 1995 in a bookkeeping/accounting role and over the years have been tasked with implementing software platforms to acquire auctions as well as training, auditing operational and accounting processes and solutioning software needs or operational practices to create efficiencies all the time ensuring that operational and accounting controls were adhered to.

I attended Colby College for two years early on in my career before making the jump to accounting in the salvage industry. I grew up in Landaff and with family in the area, I am very familiar with how it has changed over the years. I moved back to the area over 10 years ago although traveled extensively for work. Since late 2012, I have been a tax paying Landaff citizen that works from home and travels as needed.

One of my current responsibilities focuses on non-traditional payment processes and reporting as well as overseeing the software, payments and accounting for hundreds of 501c3 charities that participate in vehicle donation programs with IAA. Through my work with these groups, my team and I are accustomed to annual attorney general registrations and reporting in all fifty states.

I have been a selectman-approved alternate for the Trustees of Town Landaff Trust Funds for over a year and a half and have been an integral part of getting Landaff compliant with New Hampshire’s new online MS9 reporting portal thru which Landaff has successfully filed the last two years.



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