Select Board Meeting

From the desk of Jennifer Locke, Landaff Select Board;

This weeks Select Board meeting will be Thursday March 26, 2020 at 7PM online.  The meeting will not be at the Town Hall but will instead be live streamed on the internet.  To watch/listen to the meeting live please try one of the following two locations:
The bottom of the Landaff website home page:
If it is not there then please go to the temporarily created Town of Landaff Facebook page at:  and scroll down through the posts until you see the most recent live video.
Underneath the video there should be a zoom link you can click if you wish to officially join the meeting and be able to speak or ask questions live.
If you have or know someone who has a concern that needs to be addressed but you/they do not have the ability to join the meeting please contact Robyn at the Town hall 838-6220 or one of the Select Board members directly to make sure your concerns get discussed at the meeting.
Feedback is welcome! Thank you for your patience as we figure out how to go about doing this.
Landaff Select Board

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