Paving to Begin

From the desk of Andy Brackett, Landaff Road Agent;

Paving in town to begin on August 14 with Gale Chandler Rd. Efforts will be taken for the passage of traffic, however, if you wish to avoid delays please use the Pearl Lake Rd end of Gale Chandler.
We will also be paving on King Hill Rd on August 17. Again, efforts will be made to keep the flow of traffic, but here too if you wish to avoid delays please utilize Titus Rd to get around.
It is my understanding that the Blue School will also have some paving on this day as well, so be prepared for possible delays there too.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Andy Brackett

Road Agent

Town of Landaff


2 thoughts on “Paving to Begin

  1. Is there any word if the state is going to repair that part of Jockey Hill Road by the Clement’s and Bush’s that buckled so badly last winter?


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