Landaff Sale Items!

From the desk of Jay Michaelis, The Friends of Landaff;


Photos below

$15.00 (reg. $20) One of a Kind Clocks (battery included)

$15.00 (reg. $20) Landaff Hats (Note: Green, left front is child’s hat)

$15.00 (reg. $20) Landaff Grocery Tote (washable & durable-last one!)

$15.00 (reg. $20) Landaff Commemorative License Plate Birdhouse (last one!)                       

$ 5.00 (reg. $10) Rebecca McGovern Landaff Magnets (pkg of 3)

$ 5.00 (reg. $15) Landaff Ladies Tee Shirt Size L (2 available)

Email or call Jaye at 838-6640 with questions or to purchase (contactless shopping).

All proceeds from the sale of these items to benefit the Landaff Town Hall Main Hall Lighting Project.

Friends of Landaff, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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