Local COVID-19 Vaccines

Requested by Rachael Booth;

For north country NH residents looking to get a COVID-19 shot at Littleton Regional Hospital – the definitive answer I received today in person from LRH:
If you made an appointment to get a vaccination at Littleton Regional Hospital (LRH), go back to the CDC (VAMS) site where you made your appointment. If it says that your appointment was made at the LRH “Open POD”, cancel that appointment. It’s no good. It was put on the site in error. After canceling the appointment, stay on the site and make a new appointment for LRH PUBLIC CLINIC. That one will be good.

The shots will be given back behind the hospital where they had everyone drive up to have COVID testing done – the road that goes to Crazy Horse Campground (there’s a sign for the testing on 135 before you get to the hospital, just across from Slate Ledge Road).

If you have any questions about anything, dial 211 and ask your question. If you have trouble getting through or you’re not satisfied with your response, you can call Amanda at the LRH Covid number at (603) 575-6400.


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