Blue School News

Requested by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School – 603.838.6416;

Blue School Newsletter

January 19th- January 22nd

What We Are Learning

  • Kindergarten has been reviewing past letters this week. In math, Kindergarten played cooperative games to generate combinations of numbers that add up to 10. They also practiced more with shapes.
  • First Graders used base 10 blocks and calculators to support place-value understanding. They also practiced place value by using pennies and dimes. They also reviewed the symbols =, <, >.
  • Second Graders had their Unit 4 Progress Check. 
  • All grades continued their “My winter story”.
  • All grades continued journaling about the weather.
  • All grades had a visit from a NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer who spoke about animal tracking.
  • In January, we focused on eating healthy snacks. Thank you, Friends and Council for your thoughtful donation to purchase fruit and veggies!

Unified Arts

  • The students learned about lungs and The Choose Love Program will focus on Compassion and Empathy in Health and Guidance.
  • They learned about labeling a snowman in French class.
  • In Library, the students are reading the books about winter animals and the Scientific process. 
  • In Art, the students finished projects.  
  • In PE, the students went snowshoeing.

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