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From the desk of Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

Blue School Newsletter

May 17th – May 21st  

What We Are Learning

  • Kindergarten is working on letter review. In math, Kindergarten explored measurable attributes of backpacks. They also compared the weight of backpacks. They also created classroom maps. 
  • First Graders used rulers to measure objects. They also solved two-digit number stories. They also had to find the total cost of three items and explain their strategies.
  • Second Graders measured lengths to the nearest half-inch. Second Graders also reviewed place value. They wrote multidigit numbers in expanded form.
  • All grades had a lesson from WMSI for Computer Science Class.
  • All grades began a new writing assignment.
  • All grades enjoyed the warmer weather!

Unified Arts

  • In Health, the students performed skits using puppets.    
  • In Guidance, students focused on friends.
  • They learned community words.  
  • In Library, the students worked on nature journals.
  • PE, the students played beanbag toss.
  • In Art, the students created butterflies.
  • In Music, the students practiced for the End of the Year performance.

Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School 603.838.6416
“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”- Robert John Meehan

Students painted butterflies in Art!

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