Ringing of the Church Bells

Requested by Deb Erb;


This Saturday is the 20th Anniversary of 9-11 and the Shared Ministry of Lisbon and Landaff is planning to commemorate and remember by ringing the church bells at both the Lisbon and Landaff churches for 20 minutes, ringing beginning at 8:46 am (the time of the first impact). Volunteers are welcome and needed, and while we have some, twenty minutes of bell-pulling is a long time.  Please let me know BY PHONE if you would be interested in helping with the bell ringing. We are going to have a very brief outdoor observance beforehand in Lisbon and afterwards in Landaff. I have asked the Landaff FD and the Blue School if anyone is interested as well.  

It would be great if we could get a large group and have everyone take a turn pulling the church bell! Maybe even some coming in uniform.


Deb Erb 

home 603-838-5560

cell 603-991-3394

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