Blue School News

From the desk of Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

November 1st – November 5th


This week, grades K-3 started learning about gratitude.

Jeremey from WMSI continued to teach the students about coding.

K-3 started their weather stories. Veterans day is right around the corner, their assignment is to write “Thank you” letters to the Veterans.

Unified Arts

Music – Started learning “A Berry Merry Christmas” for their Christmas musical.

Guidance – Learning the 5 senses and learning about conflict Resolution.

Health – Learning about feelings.

Art – Practiced observation skills by drawing from still life. Students were asked to look at the proportion of objects relative to each other, and to notice what they were and were not able to see from their perspective.

Library – Started reading books about gratitude.

What we are Learning

Preschool is learning “Hey Diddle Diddle,” different types of rhymes, and “This Old Man” counting song. They are also learning the difference between Acorns and Oak trees and the difference between Squirrels and Chipmunks.

Kindergarten is learning the letter “D” and learning about different characters in a story. They are also learning how to write number books.

Second grade started Unit 3; Addition and subtraction facts. They are also learning how to analyze characters.

Third grade is learning multiplication and division facts. They finished their Unit 2 assessment.

Important Dates

Friday November 5th– Book orders due

Wednesday November 10th- Veteran’s Day coffee and cookies

Thursday November 11th- No School


The weather is getting colder, please pack warm gear for your students!

Artist of the Week

Tyler Olds – Pumpkin Drawings

Thora Campbell – Still Life Drawing

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