Pastureland for Lease

Requested by Ely McLaughlin, Landaff;

Looking to Lease out Pastureland

Highlighted below, in yellow, is a section of property that I was considering leasing out for summer grazing.  It is approximately 38 acres in size and can be accessed off of the Class VI section of Moses Clark Road, or by a maintained driveway and logging trail from Rabbit Path Road.  The forage is a mix of grass, brush, and young trees (probably most suited to sheep, goats, or possibly pigs).  Water access would be either from tanks (provided by tenant), or we could also discuss access to the parcel across Moses Clark Road, which includes frontage on Mill Brook.  There is currently no fencing or shelter infrastructure.  I am willing to discuss sharing the responsibility of installation.  I visit the property quite frequently, and would be willing to check on livestock multiple times a week.  I want to lease out this section of land for a number of reasons which include covering part of its cost, keeping the forest from growing back (I plan to develop this section of the property for agriculture), and learning more about livestock management from somebody with more experience than I have.

If you or anybody you know would be interested in viewing the property, feel free to reach out.

Ely McLaughlin


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