Blue School News

Requested/Written by Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Landaff Blue School;

March 21st – March 25th


Spring is here! This week VINS came in to teach the students about fossils and they dug for fossils. WMSI also came in and started the novel engineering unit. The students also built houses for the three little pigs and used a fan to try and see if their houses would fall down. Lastly, third graders practiced their fraction unit by following a recipe. The students also enjoyed playing basketball, baseball and soccer at recess.

Unified Arts

Music – Started going over their “Moo”sicle and learned new rhythms with music sticks.

Library – Continued to do research on the animals that they chose for their animal reports.

Art – Finished their self portraits.

Spanish – Food vocabulary in Spanish.

Guidance – Started a new problem-solving unit.

Health – Learned about where our food comes from.

Physical Education – Played kickball and learned about sportsmanship.

What we are Learning

Kindergarten students are learning the letter “I.” Started learning the Nursery Rhyme, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.” They are also learning about main ideas and details in a story. In math, they are learning about combinations, estimates, and number stories.

Second graders are learning about analyzing characters in a story. In math, they are exploring shape attributes, graphs, measurements, and taking their Unit 7 test. 

Third graders are learning how to compare and contrast characters in a story. In math, they continued learning about fractions; locating fractions on a number line, justifying fraction comparisons, and number stories.


*Please bring in extra socks and clothes for your child(ren).*

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