Blue School News

From the desk of Molly Culver, Teaching Principal Blue School;

April 4th – April 8th


Warm weather is here! WMSI came in and started a new novel engineering unit. The students finished their Spring writing and shared with their classmates. The students are continuing to learn about compassion towards other children and adults. Lastly, the students learned a lot about sportsmanship and how to treat teammates and the other team. Which made them enjoy playing basketball, baseball and soccer at recess.

Unified Arts

Music – Continued practicing their end of the performance, “Moosicle.”

Library – Learning about bird nests.

Art – Started printmaking.

Spanish – Creating a book about animals on the farm.

Guidance – Learning fair ways to play and how to solve classroom problems.

Health – Discussing what makes food healthy and what makes our bodies special.

Physical Education – Played dodgeball and learned more about sportsmanship.

What we are Learning

Kindergarten students are learning the letter “O.” Continued learning the Nursery Rhyme, “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.” They are also learning how to comprehend a story. In math, they are learning subtraction with dice, and learning.

Second graders are learning about the author’s purpose in a story. In math, they are learning attributes of 3 dimensional shapes and continuing to learn how to draw/explain quadrilaterals. 

Third graders are learning main ideas and details in a story. In math, they are exploring number lines. They are continuing to learn about fractions, multiplication, and area.

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