Old Home Day Success

From the desk of Jason Cartwright, Landaff Volunteer Fire Dept Chief:

What a beautiful day to celebrate all things Landaff and the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association. The weather was exceptional! Thank you to all who helped and supported our volunteer Fire Department to put on such a wonderful day of events.

The final estimated totals from the event and the fire department efforts this summer is going to total over $11,300.00 with expenses being about $2,000 so a net gain of $9,000 with $900 going to student scholarships and the rest to support the fire department.  From my memory, this is a record year and all of the donations and hard work from the community volunteers and the fire fighters and supporters of the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association is much appreciated.  We are upgrading our boots this year to leather boots – better fit, more comfort and addressing a number of immediate needs with the money.  

We also have 5 new potential recruits to add to the fire department along with 3 retiring, one leaving, and one taking a step back to a training role. 

Results of the Raffle as follows:

1st – Cord of Wood – Eli Gerad 

2nd – DCI Furniture – Steve Noble

3rd – John Deere Toy – Kelly Jesseman

4th – 99 Gift Certificate – John Barth

5th – $50 Visa Gift Card – Robert Motha

6th – $25 Walmart Card – Mark Gustafson

7th – 1/2 Gal Maple Syrup – Wendell Jesseman

8th – $25 Patten’s Gift Card – Kitty Greely

9th – $25 Forest Street Pub Card – Drew Youngs

First Aid Kits

10 – Kim Drolet

11 – Heidi Sagar

12 – Jen Mellor

13 – Martin Galasyn

14 – Dot Wiggins

15 – Don Beaudin

16 – Marcus Hamilton

17 – Gino Redfield

18 – Robert Motha

19 – Ina Lippard

20 – Tom Roberts

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