Landaff Voting Results

From the Desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator

The voting for the Town of Landaff on November 8, 2022, was as follows:

(The winner in Landaff is in bold print. That is not necessarily the winner of the race. )


Sununu- 144 votes

Sherman- 76 votes

Halldorson- 1 vote

US Senator:

Bolduc- 119 votes

Hassan- 99 votes

Kauffman- 1 vote

Representative in Congress: 

Burns- 119 votes

Kuster- 95 votes

Executive Councilor:

French- 134 votes

Warmington- 76 votes

State Senator:

Gendreau- 137 votes

Tucker- 81 votes

State Representatives: 

Ladd- 135 votes

Coulon- 123 votes

Applewhite- 1 vote

SFord- 3 votes

MBeaudin- 2 votes

RBooth- 1 vote


Tatham- 117 votes

Stiegler- 87 votes

James- 2 votes

County Attorney:

Hornick- 110 votes

Linhares- 1 vote

THeater- 1 vote

County Treasurer:

Dear- 123 votes

Hill- 78 votes

Register of Deeds:

Randlett- 108 votes

Monahan- 87 votes

Register Probate:

Ingbretson- 121 votes

Townsend- 81 votes

County Commissioner:

Libby- 120 votes

McLeod- 86 votes

Constitutional Amendment #1-  Yes-111 votes     No- 82 votes

Constitutional Amendment #2-  No- 134 votes     Yes- 53 votes

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