Landaff Open Position

From the desk of the Landaff Select Board:

Landaff is looking for a new Treasurer effective January 2023, Heidi Sagar is retiring from the position after many year’s and she will be greatly missed. The Treasurer time commitment is generally minimal including weekly deposits to the bank, and monthly reconciliation of receipts between the Town, Town Clerk, and Treasurer departments.  Additional responsibilities include providing pertinent information to the Auditors when they come annually and compiling the annual treasurers report.  The Treasurer position is an appointed position by the Select Board with an hourly wage. A successful candidate must live in Landaff, and is either experienced with bookkeeping or comfortable working with numbers.  Good skills to have include being organized and working well with others.  Training is available.  If interested, please contact the Select Board via Fran Day, or via any of the Select Board members.

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