Town Voting Results

From the Desk of Judith Boulet, Landaff Town Moderator:

Congratulations to the winners!  129 people voted. Declared winners are in bold print.

We also need to keep track of Undervotes and Overvotes as per state requirements.


Mary Beaudin- 77 votes

Mark Gustafson- 45 votes

Errol Peters- 3

Dave Ferony- 3

Ben Peters- 1

Dale Locke- 1

Town Clerk:

Cathy Ferony- 98 votes

Undervotes (no vote)- 3

Conservation Commission (2):

Heidi Sagar- 18 votes

Richard Dorsett- 6 votes

Chris Davies- 4

Andy Brackett- 4

Brandi Dorsett- 3

Ray Lobdell- 2

Each of the following people received one (1) vote:

Gayle Clement, Travis Peters, Danny Dodge, Rachael Booth,

Mark Gustafson, Marilyn Booth, Tom Robert, Drew Young, 

Richard Fenoff, Francie Kinney, Sue O’Hearn, Beth Miller,

Christine Iano, Nancy Cooper, Jaye Michaelis.

Undervotes- 130

Trustee of the Trust Fund: 

Francie Kinney- 114 votes

Pam Marden- 1

Undervotes- 9

Planning Board:

Errol Peters- 73 votes

Thomas Robert- 40 votes

Nancy Cooper- 3

Don Beaudin- 1

Fred Flintstone- 1

Undervotes- 2

Zoning Board of Adjustment (2):

Benjamin Peters- 102 votes

Ray Lobdell- 3 votes

Mark Gustafson- 2

Doug Erb- 2

Each of the following people received one (1) vote:

Errol Peters, Tom Robert, Rebecca McGovern, Eric Santos, Fred Flintstone,

Michael Harris, Don Beaudin, Jen Cartwright

Undervotes- 78

Cemetery Trustee (2):

Brenda Dodge- 107 votes

Gayle Clement- 85 votes

Undervotes- 40

Supervisor of the Checklist: 

Jaye Michaelis- 15 votes

Brenda Dodge- 3

Heidi Sagar- 2

Rachael Booth- 2

Each of the following people received one (1) vote:

Richard Bronson, Kelly Jesseman, Rick Jesseman, Wanda Fenoff, Cathy Ferony,

Tom Robert, Angie Bronson, Pam Mardin, Rebecca McGovern.

Undervotes- 39

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