Apply NOW for free smoke alarms and fire extinguishers 

Do you have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in your house?

How many?  How old are they?

True facts you should know: 

1) smoke alarms lose their sensitivity after ten years.  The battery may be fresh and the alarm still beeps when you push the button, but it loses its ability to detect smoke.  Older alarms need to be replaced!

2) fire extinguishers lose pressure and become useless.  Only the expensive ones can safely be refilled.

3) furnaces and oil burning or propane appliances of all kinds including cooking stoves, dryers, and hot water heaters, can emit carbon monoxide if they malfunction.  So can a fireplace, pellet stove, wood stove, or BBQ grill.  You can’t see, smell, or taste CO.  Everyone needs CO alarms as we.ll as smoke alarms.

Within the last few days, your mailbox has received an application for a FREE fire safety kit from the Landaff Volunteer Fire Association.  Be sure to send it in!  The kits will include smoke alarms, CO alarms, and fire extinguishers.  If you live in Landaff and your application didn’t come, just call 838-6406.

4 thoughts on “Apply NOW for free smoke alarms and fire extinguishers 

    • Nope, I have yours. Just trying to reach anyone who didn’t get one of the forms passed out at Town Meeting.


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