Love Old Home Day? Volunteers needed

Old Home Day planning meeting Tuesday, June 27, 7 pm in Town Hall
Based on the annual turnout for the Old Home Day auction and other events, it would appear that there are plenty of people who enjoy Landaff’s annual tradition. The hardworking team of people who stage it every year want you to know: they need more help.
Relative to the auction itself, volunteers are needed who can:

  • -be on a list to receive phone calls from potential donors of auction goods 
  • -evaluate that a proposed donation is acceptable (no mattresses, box springs, clothing, computers, nonfunctioning appliances etc.) 
  • -arrange for auction goods to be picked up or dropped off by donors (with someone present to stow donations safely)
  • -(This one’s for someone with a truck) actually make pickups of auction goods.

And anyone who would like to be part of the group that plans the day to make it fun and memorable would be more than welcome. There are activities and displays to plan, food to be prepared or provided, etc.

Willing to help? Come to the planning meeting at 7 pm next Tuesday (June 27) in Town Hall.

If you can’t make the meeting but would still like to help, call 6406 and let’s chat!

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