Old Home Day Supper, with a twist

You're probably thinking about that fabulous ham and baked bean supper right this minute, perhaps your mouth watering about the Landaff-raised Berkshire hams from Mill Brook Farm, homemade beans and salads and PIES!

BUT! If you're having trouble making that reservation, there's a reason.
LaPierres' phone line is not working.
And who knows how long it will take Fairpoint to get it fixed–

So here are two alternate ways to get a reservation:
1) call Sue O'Hearn at 838-6499, or
2) look for the reservations desk in the auction area on Old Home Day.

Old Home Day – this Saturday, August 19

Starting at 9 am by the Landaff Fire Station:

  • Auction,
  • Raffle ticket sales,
  • Friends of Landaff booth,
  • Grange Exhibits in Town Hall,
  • Snack Shack, and
  • supper reservations.

Ice Cream Sundaes, Mt. Hope Grange fundraiser, 1 pm at Town Hall

Ham and Bean Supper, 4:30 or 5:30, reservations strongly advised

Parker Hill Road band, FREE concert, 5:30 to 7:30 under the auction tent

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