Say HELLO to the new Ledger editor!

Sandy Brackett of Center Hill Road has agreed to be the next editor of Landaff’s own blog/newsletter, the Landaff Ledger!

Sandy brings a wealth of experience to our little town, including having been an EMT and firefighter, police dispatcher, fitness educator and certified personal trainer, and program coordinator.

Sandy will be managing both the ‘newsletter’ (blog) and the events email functions. So send her your pictures, stories, announcements, and other items of interest to Landaff and its residents and friends.

In particular, take pix on Old Home Day tomorrow and share with the community by making them available to Sandy.

It has been very satisfying to be one of the custodians of our community’s information network, and I look forward to seeing what is happening into the future.

Your (now ex-) editor,

Florence Webb

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